Board Members and Fundraising

Nonprofit board members have a number of different roles and responsibilities, and these can vary significantly. 

Some boards have significant fund raising expectations of all their members, some boards have different expectations for individual board members, and some have limited fundraising expectations. Regardless of where a board and its members fall on the continuum, it is important that expectations are clear and that board members have the tools they need.

Many board members find it difficult to ask for money, but there are other ways they can provide valuable assistance in the fundraising process.

  • Board members can introduce the organization to prospects and give management the information necessary to forge a relationship.
  • They can use their business expertise to assist the organization in developing an earned income business plan.
  • Saying “Thank you“ to donors is critical.  And using board members to contact donors on a timely basis to express appreciation sends a strong message and often results in additional gifts.
  • House parties can be a fun way to introduce the organization to potential donors. A brief introduction to the organization and an offer to provide additional information creates interest.
  • Board members may have contacts that are willing to donate goods or services to the organization.

There are many other ways a board member can assist with fundraising without having to ask for money. By being strategic and identifying roles, every board member can participate in the process.

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