What’s Ahead for Nonprofits and the IRS?

irsThe Department of the Treasury has issued its Priority Guidance Plan which contains projects that are priorities for the allocation of resources during the 2012-2013 plan year.

The current plan has 317 projects listed as priorities that will be actively worked on during the year. Of these projects, 13 are specifically focused on exempt organizations. Areas identified include regulations on requirements for community health needs assessments, program related investments, supporting organizations, and new excise taxes on donor advised funds.

The Exempt Organizations division of the IRS has divided its work plan into 4 categories. Under Legislative Implementation, auto-revocation for non-filers and activities related to tax-exempt hospitals are the major topics. Compliance: Using the Form 990 describes a plan to use information from the revised Form 990 to review self-declarers, political activity, UBIT, and governance issues. The Collaborative Efforts topic includes examinations of organizations with international activities, an initiative related to academic institutions, and participation in the National Research Program looking at employment tax matters. Lastly, General Work covers other areas such as colleges and universities, disaster relief communications, private foundations, and mortgage foreclosure assistance activities.

The IRS EO annual report and work plan can be accessed at http://www.irs.gov/file_source/pub/irs-tege/fy2012_eo_work_plan_2011_annrpt.pdf.

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