Take a Look at Your Bylaws

bylawsIn their formative stage, nonprofit organizations usually create bylaws to govern their organizations. Some nonprofits create short documents that have only a few bylaws and others include a significant amount of detail. But then the bylaws are often put away in a drawer and forgotten.

As time goes by, situations change and your organization may no longer be in compliance with your bylaws. Pull them out and review them periodically to see whether they are still appropriate for your organization. If so, be sure you are following them. If they no longer fit the organization, amend them to reflect your current operations and needs.

Some states have statutes that dictate the content of bylaws. Review current statutes and compare your bylaws for any missing content.

Even if you determine no changes need to be made to your bylaws, the time spent in reviewing them as a committee or board will likely be well spent. The discussions about the way your organization is governed and operated are healthy and serve as a helpful reminder to your board of their responsibilities.

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