Non-Profit Board Service: What’s in it for Businesspeople?

“I can imagine how many might feel the twin commitments of a corporate and charity role could be too much. However, this is not a zero-sum game and time dedicated outside of work can also benefit what we do day-to-day.”

This is the message Nick Hurd, the minister for civil society in the UK, shared in a recent piece written for The Guardian. He argues passionately for more businesspeople to step up their levels of community service via board positions.

While many businesspeople see the obvious networking benefit of board service, Hurd is quick to point out a research study undertaken by the City of London that demonstrates additional benefits. The study showed that those who volunteer in a leadership capacity display increased skills related to:

  • Team building,
  • Negotiating,
  • Problem solving, and
  • Financial knowledge.

This is a good reminder to all of us – whether we are in a paid or volunteer non-profit leadership position – that we each have an obligation to help recruit board members in a way where they can foresee all of the benefits of board service.

What have you done with your own board member recruiting efforts to “sell” benefits that go beyond the support of your mission?