How Do You Rank? reports 8 million visitors on an annual basis. Have you visited this site lately to see what pulls up for your organization? The site contains several categories of information for nonprofit organizations, such as general information, financials, documents, people, mission & impact, and reviews. As a nonprofit, you have the ability to modify some of the information showing in these categories. For example, did you know you can earn a gold, silver or bronze logo for updating certain information on the site? Your organization may even qualify to receive a free premium subscription, depending on how active you are in participating on the site.

There are other watchdog sites out there that provide donors with rankings and scores for nonprofit organizations. Charity Navigator is known as America’s largest charity evaluator. The organization evaluates 501(c)(3) organizations that have filed a Form 990 for at least 7 years. The nonprofits must be receiving public support of more than $500,000 and have total revenue of more than $1 million in order to be evaluated. Charity Navigator rates organizations on financial health and accountability as well as transparency. They claimed to have 7 million visitors in 2013.

If you haven’t visited these sites lately, you may want to in order to see how your organization is being represented and ranked. Depending on what you uncover, it could spur some good discussion at the management and board level.

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