A Picture is Worth a… Lawsuit?

We like to leave all things legal to lawyers.  Occasionally, something comes across our radar, however, that involves a legal issue we are compelled toimagesCAFMJZ9W share.  Here are two that recently arose:

  • Copyright issues with unlicensed photography: In this Venable article, written by Joshua Kaufman, the dangers of borrowing images from the internet for use on your website are described. Take heed. And make sure you have permission to use the photography on your website!
  • Charitable fundraising under great scrutiny: In this article from Polsinelli, the authors describe recent regulator actions that provide some indication that extra scrutiny is being given when examining fundraising activities. Though the examples given are extreme and most charitable organizations do not operate fraudulently, the article provides a good reminder of the importance of an accurate Form 990 that provides the best possible view of your organization’s operations and management’s good stewardship of donations.

Should you find that you need a lawyer, here’s a recent post that provides tips on working with one.

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