Notification Requirement for Type III Supporting Organizations

By:  Deb NelsonDebNelson

If you are a June 30 year-end and are classified as a 509(a)(3) Type III Supporting Organization, the due date for providing information to your supported organization(s) is quickly approaching. The Final Regulations for Type III Supporting Organizations now stipulate a Notification Requirement to be met. All Type III’s, functionally and non-functionally integrated, must provide the following documents annually to each of its supported organizations:

  • A written notice addressed to the principal officer(s) of the supported organization(s) describing the type and amount of support provided by the supporting organization;
  • A copy of the supporting organization’s Form 990 or 990-EZ that was most recently filed as of the date the notification is provided; and
  • A copy of the supporting organization’s governing documents, as most recently amended, to the extent not previously provided.

A principal officer is anyone who has ultimate responsibility for managing the finances; implementing the decisions of the governing body; or for supervising the management, administration or operation of the supported organization.

This information must be postmarked or electronically transmitted by the last day of the fifth month following the close of the taxable year to which the information pertains. This date is November 30th if you are a June 30 year-end.

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