The New and Improved GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles: What’s Different and Why You Should Care

By: Deb Nelson1696

If you’ve been out to GuideStar recently, you probably noticed things look different. GuideStar debuted their new Nonprofit Profile on January 20th. Changes include grouping information into four categories – summary, programs and results, financials, and operations; getting away from financial metrics that don’t tell the whole story; and presenting interactive graphs showing trends over several years.

Mission statements are front and center when you click on an organization. You can find detailed information about their programs, access useful financial information without having to look at the normal financial reports, and easily see board of directors and officers along with compensation. The profiles also provide information on board leadership.

Why You Should Take A Look

I urge all nonprofit organizations to go and check out their profile. Organizations should be aware of how they will be perceived by donors and the general public. Lastly, consider claiming your profile to highlight other pertinent information that donors should know. Check out more information about the new look here.

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