Reminder: New Submission Site for 990-Ns Started February 29th

1696By: Deb Nelson

For organizations required to file the Form 990-N e-Postcard, you now submit this filing through the IRS instead of the Urban Institute’s website. You must complete a short, one-time registration before you will be allowed to submit the filing. Take time to review your address and ensure it is current. The IRS sends reminder notices and if the address is wrong you won’t get this friendly reminder.

The Form 990-N is required for small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less. The filing is due annually by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year. For organizations with a December 31 year-end, the filing due date is May 15 and for organizations with a June 30 year-end, the filing due date is November 15. Failure to file for three consecutive years will result in automatic revocation of your tax-exempt status.

Have the following information ready when you login to submit your filing:

  • Employer identification number
  • Tax year
  • Legal name and mailing address
  • Any other names the organization uses
  • Name and address of a principal officer
  • Web site address if the organization has one
  • Confirmation that the organization’s annual gross receipts are $50,000 or less
  • If applicable, a statement that the organization has terminated or is terminating

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